Back to School or What?

Posted by Robyn French on

Super thrilled with how my Fall/Halloween soaps and bath bombs are coming out. I'm slowly getting everything posted to Instagram and Facebook, on top of getting them here to the website. My biggest struggle right now is...


Haha. I know that once school gets under way I'll be complaining that I don't get enough time with my kids, then by the end of the year I'll be saying, "Oh if only summer would start I'd get soooo much stuff done."

But really it's very hard when every second of the day someone needs you to do something for them. Even up to 12:30 am the little one was saying "Mama I can't sleep..." as though I can do something about that. It's quite exhausting. 

One of my current goals is "I am so peaceful and confident now that I meditate 20 minutes or more a day." The phrasing of that goal came from doing the Mastermind Workshop with Benjamin Aaron. It very interesting because he says you should state a goal as though it's already happened. I know that in my own life that the simple act of making and stating a decision can be pivotal to achieving your goal. 

"Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to God as we understand Him."

I had a theory for a while that I really loved to think on. It was that although we experience time linearly, it's theorized that time is circular. If we stood outside the cone of time we could see all that's happened, both in the past, present and future. We could see it as one event and comprehend it fully. 

I also truly believe that, in the same way that I still am everything I ever was, I am also already everything I will ever become. In that case, instead of wasting time remembering who I was, I need to focus on remembering who I am becoming. 

Too esoteric? Lol. Yeah well. That's what you get when 2 am is the only personal time I have anymore. I totally donated a $50 rug to a classroom today. That's how much I love teachers right now. Lmao.



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