Big Bubbles

Posted by Robyn French on

I'm supremely happy right now with the rice soap I made last month. It has such an amazingly dense, creamy lather. I'm currently on vacation with my family, and as usual, I brought my own soap.

I know, I know. You're rolling you're eyes at me. Yes. I am staying at a four-star resort. The soap and shampoo they provide has argan oil in it, which is stellar. But still, I brought, and used my own soap. Where ever we go we take a bar of Sexy Man soap. It is my husband and son's favorite soap, despite my numerous attempts to transition them to other fragrances and bars.  Their second favorite, Namaste, also made the cut for this trip. It's a good soap, and I have some miscut bars from my last batch that have made their way into personal use. 

The third bar I grabbed was the Rice soap. I gave my brother a bar about a week ago and he called me to say he really liked it, and asked when it would be available in the shop. That got me thinking. Could it really be that good?

The short answer is... SHIT YEAH. Holy cow. I am so in love with the fabulous qualitites that rice adds to soap that as I showered today I thought, what if I added rice to ALL my facial soaps? Rice is believed to be the best natural ingredients for lightening and evening skin-tone, so I am very seriously considering this. 

In the meantime I'm going to start "Face to Face Fridays"... I put a poll on my facebook to see what people are interesting in seeing me make LIVE, and so far, soap is winning (ahead of bath bombs). There are 2 soaps I'm considering for this LIVE, and one would have RICE! ;) 


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