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Posted by Robyn French on

Working on my basic cosmetic certification was one hell of an event let me tell you! That got me into some kinda shape on a micro-business level that I'd heretofor never imagined! 

"Oh, psh, cosmetics" I hear you say in a snarky, condescending voice! "Yeah, biotch, COSMETICS!" I respond back in what my mom would call a tone-deaf outside voice. 

That's some legit shite man! It was easier to pass my basic soapmaker test. Even the advanced soapmaker test (the next level I need to pass) was easier than the basic cosmetic test. For the advanced soapmaker test I only have to submit 1 product sample of unscented, uncolored soap.

The Basic Cosmetic test on the other hand required 3 samples be submitted with a batch sheet for each product. The batch sheet had to include lot numbers and expiration dates for every ingredient used, expected yield vs actual yield of recipe, and SDS sheets for every ingredient. Additionally your recipe had to be submitted with measurements given in percentages and weight (not volumetric), how/why you formulated your recipe the way you did and notes taken while making the actual batch submitted. Then you have to send the three samples and all that paperwork (hey, SDS sheets are LONG man!) in to the Guild in New York where it will be judged based on 2 pages worth of scoring points. 

So. Yeah, biotch, cosmetics. 


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