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Face To Face Fridays

Posted by Robyn French on

So last week I started something on my Facebook called Face To Face Fridays... the concept is pretty simply, and you can probably guess just from the name what it’s all about. It’s a chance to see me making soap (or bath bombs) Live. What’s cool is people can ask questions and give input while I’m making soap. 

Last week I made BANGARANG soap. It was themed from the movie Hook, where Peter and the Lost Boys get in a food fight. It was inspired after the insanely bubbly rice soap! It had rice purée and coconut milk and was scented in a coconut milk fragrance. It soaped beautifully, which was good! I didn’t know how that fragrance would handle the drop swirls I’d planned. 

For this Friday I have a poll going for people to vote on whether they’d rather see me make Avocado Soap or Kombucha Soap. I’m honestly hoping the avocado soap wins. I just love green soaps! 🥰


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