Is it Fall yet?

Posted by Robyn French on

This week brings with it a rush of excitement and inspiration. I know the average Joe rolls his eyes to see the Halloween and Christmas displays start going up as soon as July 4th is over, but really, those of us in the handcrafted/Artisan world need all that time! We have to gather inspiration, get a feel for what will be trending this season, go on the hunt for that lagniappe--that little something extra--that will bring our ideas to life.

So I have a few things being shipped and I'm excited about them all, but on different levels. On the most practical side of things NEW AMBER COLORED JARS are on their way! They were supposed to be here already, but I don't have another show until the 18th, so that gives me time to make more body butters (as promised). For now I plan on launching the smaller 2.25 ounce butters, and then I'll hit the larger sizes in the following 2 weeks. 

Ok, so that's the boring practical stuff out of the way.

The less boring, more practical side of things would be this: ***NEW HOLIDAY FRAGRANCES*** Now I already have a few that I've been holding onto for the holidays. For one Sweater Weather from MSC. Y'all will LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance. It does discolor though, so I have some strategic planning in place for it. The next ones already on hand and waiting to be used are Pumpkin Spice and Hot Apple Pie from BB... But even more fun... I've got about 20 fragrances coming on what we soapers call a fishing expedition. It's hard to read a scent description online and know what your soap will smell like, and it's hard for us soapers to read a fragrance description and know what we're going to get... So. I will be knocking out a ton of test batches on my "time off" (ha. ha.)

Also. Can we get these kids back in school yet or what?! Lmao. Just saying.


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