About Us

Scandalous Soap Company focuses on bespoke and custom orders made to perfection.

For years we visited trade shows, farmers markets and other vendor events. Every weekend we would hustle and bust it, connecting with our customers in small settings, while still producing large qualities of items every week. And we loved every minute of it!

As 2020 began to change the way many of us do business, the opportunity to use an online platform to teach and educate a large community of bath bomb makers was made available and of course we happily jumped at it! That opportunity has continued to grow and the community has continued to thrive. 

To ensure the best customer experience we've made the decision to focus mainly on teaching. It takes hours of research, writing, communication, and patience, but the reward is seeing other makers thrive! Meanwhile, the beautiful products I make are still available to anyone interested in purchasing them. Simply view the portfolios for each product type and contact us about quantities and pricing.

Mystery Boxes and Themed Boxed Sets are still available for immediate purchase and are packed with fun and interesting bath bomb, and soap combinations! 

May you never stop making waves or causing scandals. Well behaved people rarely make history.