About Us

Scandalous Soap Company is a small business operating out of Deer Park, TX. All of our products are made by hand, by us and are not mass-produced or repackaged for retail. Our dream isn't to build an empire, rather we seek to create a small space where sustainable practices and local sourcing is key.

We use local ingredients whenever possible and support other makers. If we use honey, it's from a local apiary. If we use tea, it's from a local teahouse. We use Texas based companies as often as possible for purchase of supplies, fragrances and colors. All of the carpentry for the soap savers and wooden soap molds is done in house. All graphic design and print work is created here by us. 

Our Dream? We don't want to go on shark-tank (although, thank you to all the people who believe we could withstand that level of intense scrutiny and competition!), we simply want to be the absolute best local soaphouse you know!

For that reason, our door is always open! Whether you want to come learn to make soaps and bath bombs, or simply watch how it's done. If you want to come get all the free smells, come get em! If you simply need a place to unwind and share your current drama, this is a good place for that too. Not only does this policy help make sure my floors are always swept and my kids are always dressed, they say relaxation is the greatest beauty secret! So call or text and forgive us this day our daily messes!

May you be well long-term; may all your life be art. May you never stop making waves or causing scandals. Well behaved people rarely make history.