Amazing Face Sugar Scrub

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Our Amazing Face Sugar Scrub is a gentle way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Pair this with our Basic Face Soap and our Face Serum for a perfect skincare regimen! We blend Lavender, Lemongrass and Carrot Seed Extract for a truly amazing blend!

While we do suggest the complete set, Amazing Face sugar scrub can be used daily with or with out a cleanser. It is based on the oil-on-oil cleansing method, and is a great way to begin training your skin to balance it's own ph and sebum production.

Traditional cleansers that treat blemish prone skin tend to work from the basis that oil on the face is a negative element, and therefore use chemicals and synthetic detergents to strip the skin of oils. Nature abhores a vaccuum though, and the skin goes in overdrive to produce more oil, which in turn compounds the problem. Some of the better (and/or pricier) brands may include a toner and lotion to tighten pores and moisturize skin, but the cyclical problem of oil production remains.

Our Amazing Face Scrub, Basic Face Soap, and Face Serum do not treat acne, mitigate or prevent blemishes, or repair damaged skin. Instead, they give the skin a clean palette and nourishment, and over the course of time an improvement can be seen in the appearance of skin. We don't believe it's anything special we're doing, rather we believe it's the body's ability to manage, maintain and at times even heal itself, when it's given the correct ingredients. Amazing Face was our first step toward a beautiful complexion!

Gentle enough to be used twice a day, however everyone's skin type is different and factors such as age, activity level, diet, hormones, and even whether you have hard or soft water can have an effect on your usuage rate. We suggest you start by using a pea-sized amount 3-4 times a week. Eventually you'll find the right balance for you! Some people report using their scrub 2-3 times a week, while others use twice daily. We suggest following up with a moisturizer such as our Face Serum.