Cereal Killer Sugar Scrub: Trio

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This sampler set gives you a 2.25 ounce sample of each of our Fall Cereal Killer sugar scrubs. Earl Gray with Jack The Ripper, Fruit Loops with John Wayne Gacy, and Cinnamon Buns with Ted Bundy. These soft sugar scrubs will exfoliate and nourish skin—But don’t forget to snag our lotion sampler set to go with them! Afterall, it puts the lotion in its skin! 

Cinnamon Buns with Bundy: Made with real brown sugar for a softer scrub experience! This warm, buttery fragrance has notes of brown sugar and cinnamon, but still manages to be light and pleasant. They say Bundy was a real charmer too.

Earl Gray with Jack The Ripper: Made with activated charcoal for a detoxifying cleanse. This fragrance is polished and delicate with light hints of bergamot and fig, just like a premium Earl Gray tea. Jack the Ripper would probably serve you tea and biscuits, then cut you with his thirsty knife.

Fruit Loops with John Wayne Gacy: With rainbow colored Jojoba Beads for an extra scrubby experience! This fruity, sweet fragrance with hints of vanilla and citrus is surprisingly good and has quickly become a favorite of mine! Pogo The Clown was a real fruit loop too.