Complete Breakfast For Dinner Set

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The Complete Breakfast For Dinner Set is the most adorable way to take a bath. Each item is carefully crafted with nourishing oils for soft, supple skin, and delicious, skin-safe fragrances for an aromatic treat. The overload of cuteness is just an added side effect!

The Complete Breakfast For Dinner Set includes the following items...

Bacon Me Crazy Bubble Bar - This adorable little guy makes gorgeous bubbles! Place him in a sieve or strainer and hold under running water as your fill your tub. Use him whole or chop him up in 2-3 pieces for multiple baths! 

Waffley Cute Bath Bomb - A sweetly scented milk and honey bath bomb with creamy cocoa butter for a decadent bathing experience!

French Toast Bath Bomb - This two in one bath bomb is scrented in a cinnamon and vanilla fragrance. You’ll love his mustachioed face, and his Beret is actually a Bubble Bar! Pull it off, place it in a sieve and and run it under the water for a two and one bubble bath/bath bomb experience. 

Eggcellent Bath Bomb - A juicy cherry and apple bath bomb with a hand painted face! Crack him open in your tub and find a hidden surprise inside!

Perky Soap - Made with real coffee (the caffeine helps to tighten pores!), smoothing and exfoliating coffee grounds, and real cream to help lighten and brighten the appearance of skin!

Hand Cut Soap Saver - these fully draining soap dishes are hand cut in-house from spruce wood. Soap Savers help extend the life of handmade soap!