Learn With Me! Basic Bath Bomb Class

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This class is designed to take you from a newbie bath bomb maker to intermediate maker! If you’re interested in a more advanced class feel free to contact me!

Experience a unique, one-on-one bath bomb session! Together we will make a batch of bath bombs designed BY YOU! Whether this is your first batch or your trying to build a better foundation, this class will quickly take you to the next level!

           You’ll learn

  • How to select fragrances
  • How to choose designs
  • How to formulate a recipe
  • How to modify a recipe
  • Using color in bath bombs
  • Choosing a mold

We will meet 2 times via Zoom (or another streaming app!)

  • First we will email and discuss what you’re looking for and formulate a recipe together. 
  • When we meet to make the bath bombs it will take  about an hour. I’ll make a batch right alongside with you, using the same recipe so you can see exactly what I’m doing while you’re doing it!
  • You’re encouraged to schedule a 15-20 minute follow up to discuss any issues you might have run into ad your batch dried (included in the price of your session)

I love helping my students reach their potential and it’s a joy to know I’m helping other makers be amazing!  Are you ready to get started?