Halloween Mystery Box

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This is the very first mystery box for Scandalous Soap Co!

Inside you will get combined total of 7 items... at least one of which is guaranteed to be a limited edition bath bomb or soap only available in the mystery box! 

You can also choose your Sass Level. Since some of the items will be for mature audiences, or might have language that will singe the delicate ears of the unwary. If you plan to let your kids use these, then make sure you choose the Kid Friendly option! 

Limited Edition Items you might receive include

  • Little Cock Bath Bomb
  • Ashes To Ashes Bath Bomb Powder
  • Fat Ass (Eric Cartman) Soap
  • Misfortune Cookie Bath Bomb
  • Suck It Bath Bomb

 Regular Items you might receive include

  • Vampire Rising Soap
  • Bend it Like Bender Bath Bomb
  • Big Boo Bath Bomb
  • Fresh Hell Soap
  • 51 Fun Run Soap
  • ZomBee Bath Bomb
  • Blood of My Enemies Soap or Bath Bomb
  • Tears of My Betrayers Soap or Bath Bomb
  • Fallen Angel Soap or Bath Bomb