American Pie Bubble Truffles

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Bath truffles are scoops of solid bubble bath. Made with skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter, avocado oil and kaolin clay. They create glorious bubbles as they fill the bathtub with delicious fragrances. Colored bubble truffles will also color your water with skin-safe, FDA batch certified colorants that won’t stain your tub or your skin! 

The American Pie truffles are scented in coconut (white), strawberry (red), and fresh blueberries (blue)! 

Just like liquid bubble bath, a bath truffle works best when it’s activated by running water. Simply placing it in a tub of water will create some bubbles, but not that WOW factor you expect. To help you achieve the best results, each order of bath truffles will come with a small muslin bubble bag. Place the truffle in the bubble bag and hold it under warm running water as you fill your tub. The bubble bag can be reused multiple times!