Pride Month Bath Bomb Boxed Set

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Celebrating love with these SICKENING lip shaped bath bombs! Each of these beauties is individually crafted then, airbrushed to perfection with gorgeous ombré shading, and finished with hand painted highlights. Never have you ever seen such a pretty mouth!

This set include 7 limited edition bath bombs made only for the 2020 June Pride Boxed Set!

Red: Scented in Blood of My Enemies, a delicious apple and neroli fragrance!

Orange: Scented in Punch Drunk, a juicy mango and papaya fragrance!

Yellow: Scented in Banana Hammock, a fun new banana fragrance!

Green: Scented in Olive My Exes, with notes of bergamot and olive fruit 

Blue: Scented in Bite Me, a tart and  bright blueberry fragrance 

Purple: Scented in Love Bites, a best selling black raspberry and vanilla fragrance 

MYSTERY BATH BOMB... A gorgeous rainbow airbrushed bath bomb is the final item in this set! Isn’t it amazing? Scented in a new sour watermelon fragrance just for summer called Nice Melons!

I know you will love this set just as much as I loved taking the time to dream, imagine, and build it for you! I truly believe in a world where love is love and fuck the naysayers. So be you you babay! Be the bright, brilliant, creative soul you are and let love lead you!