Scary Movie Bath Bomb Set

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GHOSTFACE: Do you like scary movies? 

SIDNEY: What’s the point? They’re all the sa—Oh wait! These are different! 😃

Its time to get spooky with our Scary Movie set! You’ll receive 3 themed items—a VHS bath bomb, mini popcorn bath bombs, and a movie character—but which scary movie will you be watching? It’s a surprise!

You could be watching Scream with Ghostface, Child’s Play with Chucky, IT with Pennywise, or Friday The 13th with Jason! The character bath bombs are all scented in Prelude to Peace (RIP!) and filled with colorful embeds!

You’ll also get a VHS bath bomb, because, let’s face it, the 80’s and 90’s represented the peak of horror movies. I also wanted to tap into that nostalgic horror of having to rewind tapes! The VHS bath bombs are scented in Fruit Loops!  

Finally, you’ll also get a tiny popcorn bucket of buttery yellow, micro-mini popcorn bath bombs scented in a delicious Caramel fragrance! 

These mystery sets will come completely wrapped with fully themed labeling, so you can have fun with the unboxing too! We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them!