So Damn Pedi Foot Spa Trio

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I mean. Sometimes I know I’m being petty, but I’m still gonna judge that other biotch over there cause she’s SO DAMN PEDI. 

This limited edition foot spa trio will help smooth over the rough patches in any relationship. Like your relationship with my feet. With Peppermint, Vanilla and Lavender, this makes the perfect combo for soothing them stems. This trio includes:

• 3 mini bath bombs-just the right size for a foot bath!

•Peppermint and vanilla foot scrub with pumice to smooth and Shea butter to soften 

• Peppermint, Vanilla and lavender massage balm! Our very own recipe for successful foot rubs. With lots of great glide for a lengthy massage, and none of the oily drippy mess from traditional massage oils. 

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