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We have been happy to provide customers a free soap saver with purchase of cold process soaps since the beginning of this company’s formation. Sadly due to the rising cost of lumber over the last year we have made the decision that we can no longer provide our soap savers, or bundle the cost into the price of the soaps themselves

Originally additional soap savers cost $5, but to help encourage our customers to purchase them we are bringing the cost down to $3! Soap savers make a huge difference in the life of your handmade soap and we hope you consider purchasing one for yourself!

These spruce soap savers are fully draining and allow water to run away from your bar of soap. This helps extend the life of your soap! Handmade soap has naturally occurring glycerin, which is great for your skin, but not so great for the life expectancy of your soap bar. Preventing your soap from sitting in a puddle of water and making sure it doesn't sit under the running water of a shower are two ways to help your handmade soap last a long time! 

And now, for the real soap addicts out there, we are proud to offer Scandalous Sized soap savers. You can lay 2 soaps flat on these, or create a stack of upright soaps.  We love these extra long soap savers capable of handling multiple bars at a time. We have been using these for years in our own kitchen and love being able to offer a huge selection of soaps for hand washing. While these aren’t fully draining, they still allow soaps to dry completely between uses, extending thin life of your artisan soaps.