Custom Soap (Bespoke Experience)

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Experience a unique, one-on-one soapmaking session! Together we will make a custom soap loaf (10 slices!) for you, designed BY YOU!

First we will discuss fragrances, and designs. Sometimes a design can't be accomplished with specific fragrances, but we will go over the options available and make sure that the two will work out. Feel free to look at designs in our current or retired collections for inspiration. 

Next we will talk about custom ingredients. Here the sky's the limit! Substitute tea or milk for the water normally used in soapmaking. Choose premium silk or go silk-free. Add Kaolin Clay or fruit puree! The selection of extra ingredients can alter the color or fluidity of soap, and might limit design options, but we can discuss the pros and cons of these types of modifications.

After that, you pick the color or colors. They can be your favorite colors, or they can be colors that pair with the fragrance or season. It's up to you! 

When we're done with the consultation period we will schedule a time to actually make soap! Via FaceTime, Zoom or other web meeting apps, we will connect and hang out together to see your vision come to life!

Once your soap finishes its saponification process, it will be cut and sent to you, or it can cure here on our specially designed curing racks for a few weeks before it’s sent to it's forever home.  

This experience makes an amazing gift for anyone! The price includes the initial consulation, the cost of a custom loaf (10 slices of pure joy!), all the supplies, premium oils, fragrances, colorants, and finally shipping!