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Seasonal Scandalous Box

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A Totally Scandalous Box is an amazing gift to give yourself or someone you adore. These sexy little boxes are full to the brim with limited edition items and fragrances. With new themes and items every two months! 

These boxes will contain 6-10 items and will include a selection of seasonally themed limited edition soaps, bath bombs, body butters, sugar scrubs, fragrance rollers, lip balms and more!

Originally these were going to be subscription boxes, but plans change my friends. These items will be sold as SETS only for the first month of their season set. Afterward, leftover items will be allowed to be purchased individually. The only way to guarantee you’ll get a specific LTO item is to purchase the boxed sets, which will, of course,  reflect a discount.  

These are the planned Themes for 2020! We will fill in more details as we approach each season! 

  • Jan/Feb
Theme: The Roaring 2020's
Celebrate the New Year with decadent champagne and strawberry themed items!


  • March/April Theme: Make it Rain
  • May/June Theme: Bath Bombs and Chill
  • July/Aug Theme: Hot Fizz
  • Sept/Oct Theme: Mostly Dead
  • Nov/Dec Theme: Twigs and Hollyberries

*Themes subject to change... Trust me that if there is a change I’ll let y’all know ahead of time and it will be a change from something cool to something AWESOME.

The weight of this product has been zeroed out so you won’t be charged shipping upon checkout, however the slight price increase in 2020 from $39 to $44 is to account for the ability of customers to order multiple months worth of product at one time. Otherwise customers would only pay one shipping fee, but I, the sender, would be responsible for multiple shipping costs across several months.