Totally Tarot Bath Bombs

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The complete major arcana in the style of the iconic Ruder Waite Tarot deck, these hand painted bath bombs are all unique, individual works of art, made with love and good intentions... just for you! 

Scented in a deliciously sweet fragrance called Boho Blush, with notes of vanilla milk, jasmine and lavender, and filled with colorful embeds. These bath bombs will be shrink wrapped to protect against moisture, then wrapped in paper to give them anonymity and prevent them being chosen intentionally. Instead we will allow the universe to reveal what we need, when we need it! 

Let your heart and mind focus on the unwritten future and the possibilities that await you as you meditate on the many meanings and nuances of your bath bomb! Each Totally Tarot Bath Bomb will come with a short description and explanation. It’s up to you to choose how that knowledge affects a change in your life. 

The major arcana is really the story of a journey, full of opportunities, difficulty, and choices. Your ability to accept where you are on your path will grow as you learn more about yourself and your own potential! I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity and time to create these bath bombs and I know the right one will make its way to you!