Bath Bombs

Our Bath Bombs are amazing! Every bath bomb everywhere starts with the same basic ingredients: baking soda and citric acid, with some kind of binding agent (water, witch hazel or isopropyl alcohol). Then each maker gets to experiment with adding items like clays, oil blends, colors, fragrances or ingredients that increase bubbles. There is really no method that's 100% effective for every maker and bath bombs are notoriously temperamental. 

That being said... our bath bombs are amazing!!! Seriously! We use kaolin clay because I loooove the softness it gives to the water. We also use cocoa butter and avocado oil because they make skin feel so soft and conditioned! We use SLSA sourced from palm and coconut oil. It creates gently foaming bath bombs that won't dry or damage your skin. Next we use amazing fragrances and essential oils purchased from industry-trusted suppliers so you can drift away in ultimate luxury. Add this altogether and you get a silky feeling bath bomb and silky smooth skin! 

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